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To promote and foster through new technology, an interest in the evolution of our Solar System’s only Star. This is an innovative situation where many skills and learning experiences are fostered during the study of something that is freely available during the course of each and every school day. Many of the Objectives and Outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and the Bostes Science Syllabus NSW are covered through the development and implementation of projects like this.

Many of the skills that students will learn during this process cover not only Science and Mathematics but will develop the student’s awareness and ability to explore and develop their own techniques improving the imagining processes. This is already evident in the Astrophysics course. They will also develop skills in the management of not only relatively expensive but also reasonably sophisticated mount and telescopic equipment. Many will continue to master and perfect these skills throughout their adult life. Some may even choose a career path involving studying the Sun itself.

Year 6.
ACSSU 096.
ACSHE 099, 100.
ACSIS 232,104 105, 221.
Year 9
ACSSU 182.
ACSHE 157, 158, 161.
ACSIS 164, 165, 166, 169,
170, 174.
Year 7
ACSSU 115.
ACSHE 119, 223.
ACSIS 124,125, 126, 130.
ACSSU 188, 190, 229.
ACSHE 192, 194, 195.
ACSIS 198, 199, 200, 203,
204, 205, 208

Year 8
ACSSU 151, 155.
ACSIS 139, 144, 145, 146.


BOSTES Science Syllabus.

Value and Attudes

STe-1VA, ST1-VA, ST2-1VA

STE- 3VA, ST1 3VA, ST2-3VA.



STe-4WS, ST1-4WS, ST2-4WS.

STe-5WT,ST1-5WT, ST2-5WT



Knowledge and Understanding.

STe-6NE, ST1-6PW, ST2-6PW

ST2-7WP, ST1-8ES, ST2-9ES,

STe-9ME, ST1-12MV, ST2-13MV



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