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I believe many students will gain invaluable learning experiences from this program. We can be world leaders in innovation and techniques in Science Education involving the Sun. The success of the program hinges on the fact that it is a complete package. This is the first time a total program has been put together. There are no missing gaps, therefore keeping interest keen and at a high level, producing amazing results. In years passed valuable equipment has gone unused because the teachers managing it have moved on.

With our system of tutorials the senior students become the custodians of the system, even to the extent of utilising the solar assets in the school to give real time education to the younger students that have just started the planets and space. Of course this would happen under supervision. It also ensures that all knowledge and techniques are retained and pass down, not lost and unused. There is clearly the opportunity for some school facility’s to develop and supply real time scientific data to NASA. This I believe will become a reality at Atherton State High.

Contact us for prices. Starting at $1000.00 per year, second and subsequent years half price. For 250 science students this equates to 55 cents per student per month. This also includes all text material and teacher resources.

Purchase your own 60mm Solar Telescope and imaging assets? Then use our Robotic Telescope for Hi Res data to compliment your own data.( Highly recommended for $1600.00 per year.) We will organise and ship to you the right equipment package, at a competitive price.

Already great experience has been gained for some students during the two recent solar eclipses,(one of the students efforts.) in northern Queensland. In particular the total solar eclipse at Maitland Downs with Professor Carl Pennypacker and the Hands-On Universe project and the

Astronomy and Astrophysics Program from Atherton State High School with David Platz.

Please use the contact system for detailed information, questions and availability of the program.



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