Advances in technology over the last 10 – 15 years have brought forward many changes in the way we “do and learn”.   This is no less evident in the way we observe and record our Star.

Fifteen years ago the equipment we have today was only available to professional observatories.  Even  then,  the  images were not as good as some amateurs are today. The image on the left is from the CSIRO in 1970  and  the other is an amateur shot last year. ( Click the image ) The cost of the equipment was such that the private sector was in no position to consider its purchase.   However, in the last five years all  that  has  changed. 


 Through  these advancements in industry and telescopic improvements we find not only the quality of our equipment has greatly improved, but the affordability as well. What was once only available for $30,000 plus is now available to us for $2,000 - $3,000 dollars.

With this kind of equipment, students can observe and record our ever-changing Sun and produce images that professional astronomers would be proud of. All my images are obtained from this new-age “off the shelf” affordable equipment.

My images have appeared in World Papers and Science Articles in England as well as Australia, Sky & Telescope Magazine; and are being used by people such as Nobel Prize winner Professor Carl Pennypacker, Hands-On Universe (HOU) & Professor Jay Pasachoff, who is the World leader in Solar studies.


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