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Ralph & Lorraine

Ralph & LorraineRalph’s interest in astronomy began in his early school years.  As a teenager he built his first telescope and enjoyed astrophotography.  Ralph was imaging and developing his own pictures of the night sky. 

Astronomy has been a passionate part of our lives wherever we have travelled.  We have been involved in Skywatch (now Cosmos Centre) at Charleville; we built our own tourism and educational centre at Heavens Above, Lorraine in ChillagoeRockhampton. 

In 2004 we incorporated day solar and night astronomy presentations into schools with Travelling Telescopes in Education program.  This was accredited by Education Queensland.

2013:  Our astronomical journey continues.   Ralph imaging the Sun and Night objects.  Lorraine in a supportive role, of research on up-to-date events.  Together, we compliment & support  each other.

2014: Relocated to Warren NSW to implement our Robotic Observatory and education program. See EDUCATORS section on the main menu for all details.



Vixen 130ss- SolarMax 90 and DMK51 Camera on EQ6Pro with wind break.

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